You say, “It’s all about the outfit” when it comes to tennis…

You say, “It’s all about the outfit” when it comes to tennis…

But what’s so great about “the outfit” if:

  • You can’t wear it anywhere other than the tennis court
  • It looks the same as every other “outfit”
  • The fabrics are the same as every other “outfit”
  • It exposes your flaws
  • It requires lifting your skirt and contorting your wrist to find an impossible to access ball pocket
  • You really don’t want anyone to see your shorts

 After the game, you have to go home and change into something “more appropriate” to run errands or attend meetings. On days with back-to-back commitments, this added errand is tremendously inconvenient and time consuming.

 As a regular social player, I didn’t look forward to wearing “the outfit”, my flaws exposed and challenging in every function the outfit should provide. I worried about making it to meetings on time, and predictable, salacious stares if I ventured into public following a game. I was bored of my tennis wardrobe and didn’t feel excited to put on a poly/spandex top and skort that exposed my flaws for everyone to see. In addition, all the ball pockets, or lack of ball pockets, were located underneath the skirt, an impossible feat to access gracefully, and a tricky maneuver to accomplish, period. I wondered, did any time or thought go into this difficult to wear sportswear?

 What if you could have “the outfit” that goes wherever you go, that performs better than any tennis outfit, that’s fast and easy to wear, that saves you time and makes you feel like a Billion Bucks?

 Tennis Anywear is quality of life in a couture look. Each design has endured a long, scrupulous journey to produce flattering, high-quality, functional court couture:

  • We work with a prestigious bridal designer to create flattering shapes and structure, and to ensure quality of construction, so you will look perfect from everyangle, all 3-dimensions of you. Fabrics are carefully selected for quality, comfort and convenience.
  • Each TA set is complete, no separates to coordinate or matching required. We cover all the details, like supportive built-in-bras, external ball pockets, easily accessible zippers, snaps and buttons to facilitate dressing, matching shorts and more, so you have no worries. Put it on and go!
  • You're ready for anything. We've tested each piece for full functionality and range-of-motion on the court. Fabric combinations and design innovation integrate for couture quality and ease of function unmatched by any. When your day is done, toss it in the wash!

 Who says we have to look boring and struggle with nonfunctional, unflattering tennis clothes? We want to get excited to put on “the outfit”, not just for tennis, but for everything life throws at us.

We’re giving away a coupon to start your court couture closet. Simply sign up and Spin the Wheel for a hefty discount off your first Tennis Anywear outfit, because wearing anything less will kill your game and your time. Enough of the nonfunctional, unflattering clothes you immediately have to change out of.

 Get your time back and rock the world in timeless, transitional court couture.

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